LukeFest 2016 Image Gallery

A full house, an appreciative crowd and an amazing lineup. Our musical mentors shared intimate moments and insights. Mike Demers, Indio Saravanja, Kathryn Calder, and Bill Henderson showed their hearts as well as their talent; Daniel Lapp's Conservatory students demonstrated upcoming genius and then ...then…the moment...the LukeFest HouseBand and Bill Henderson raised the roof with an incredible and epic jam followed by the full ensemble finale of ‘Fly at Night’. Bill couldn't stop smiling.  And no one wanted it to end, the ensemble kept on playing as the lights went up and the audience left Alix Goolden Performance Hall.

The following are fantastic images that tell the story of LukeFest: Images from Tyson Elder, Rob Porter and Michelle Edwards of Rocktographers AND Christian J. Stewart who has a full album at:

VIP Backstage reception images or at Christian J. Stewart Photography

In our continuing effort to support local musicians, all the background music during intermission was from our LukeFest playlist with permission from the local artists. We encourage Victoria BC venues to play local music! See the every changing LukeFest Playlist