LukeFest 2016 Special Performances

LukeFest is a benefit concert with a goal to raise money and provide meaningful collaboration between local musicians, students at the Chwyl Family School of Contemporary Music and professional musicians who understand the struggles of a career in music and can provide mentorship.

We are proud and honoured to have Mike Demers, Bill Henderson, Kathryn Calder and Indio Saravanja take the LukeFest stage to help us create sexy rock and roll in celebration of the Art of the Song = Lyric+Melody and Creativity. Our musical mentors provide honest and heartfelt perspectives on the inner and outer landscape that we dwell in -- Celebrate the Songwriter! 

Bill Henderson

Bill Henderson is best known for his work with “Chilliwack”, one of Canada’s top recording acts of the 1970’s and 80’s. As lead singer, guitarist, producer and songwriter, Bill played a major role in the release of the 12 Chilliwack albums released from 1965 to 1985.

For the last ten years Bill has built a reputation as an exciting solo performer. Bill’s performances are personal, energetic, fresh and engaging. Bill’s involvement help us celebrate musical exploration and collaboration with young musicians while raising money for scholarships and songwriting camps. Welcome to the #LukeFestSquad, Bill !

Mike Demers

Mike Demers is a long time songwriter, singer, musician and mentor to the Victoria Music Scene. He has mentored and helped so many people in Victoria that he is a natural to have on LukeFest stage. A  youth worker by day, Mike previously fronted Nuvo Wavo, a party band covering smash hits & B-sides of the 70s & 80s New Wave Era in all its cheezy glory. Mike is now a musician fulltime and heads up The Lonely, a Roy Orbison cover band that is selling out all over the west - soon to go national. We are so pleased to have the one and only and The Lonely, Mike Demers on the LukeFest Squad.

Kathryn Calder

It's easy to forget that Kathryn Calder is a music industry veteran. From her first band Immaculate Machine, to the New Pornographers and her solo works, Kathryn has released 10 albums over the last 10 years, toured around the world, and solidified herself a career in music before she was thirty. 

Most recently, Kathryn has found a new spark of creativity and began to write again; this time collaborating with her husband and co-producer Colin Stewart. Her new songs came from from a carefully crafted atmosphere and new authenticity for this unpredictable world. The result is Kathryn Calder -   an album that crosses between the classical and the pop world, from the get up and move of "Take a Little Time" and "Only Armour" to the delicate search for strength within uncertainty via "Song in Cm" and "Arm in Arm". Kathryn Calder demonstrates Kathryn's limitless creative potential as she transitions from a songwriter reacting to the world to one who can capture her own moments and create one.  

Kathryn embodies the spirit of collaboration and authenticity in the songwriting world that LukeFest promotes. Thanks Kathryn - see you on stage!

Indio Saravanja

Born in Argentina and raised in the Canadian North, this one time actor/dancer/singer from a blue collar background was busking in Montreal subways by the age of fifteen, performing as a street musician in Spain by seventeen, and, at nineteen, doing his first real gig in New York, courtesy of his friend Jeff Buckley. His twenties were spent learning to rock on the Canadian bar band circuit and writing prolifically until an invitation came to produce his celebrated debut album under the Caribou Records label in 2005. There have been 6 further full-length releases.

Indio has been featured on most national CBC radio shows since his first release, which was voted Best New Discovery of 2006 by Canada’s leading folk magazines, and his music has been on steady rotation internationally on leading college and independent stations. He has performed hundreds of concerts in Canada and abroad, and many folk festivals, the largest being the main stage of the 2007 Winnipeg Folk Festival. He also composes for theatre and film. Indio has been in Victoria for a short time and has generously offered his time to rehearse and collaborate with the students at the Chwyl School of Contemporary Music. Welcome to LukeFest, Indio!

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