Luke's Sound

Luke's songs were collaborations. On some, he wrote the lyrics, on others the medley . But he collaborated with his bandmates, friends and pretty much anyone who wanted to learn and play with him. As a result, many musicians in Victoria knew some of the more popular tunes like Tuesday Morning/Just a Thought (Rachwalski), I'll be Back (Rachwalski/Bachman) and Genie (Rachwalski, Venoit, Ransford, Bachman, Douglas, Anstey) .

Unfortunately, there aren't any really high quality recordings so we are hopeful others will continue to jam, play, improve, and eventually record the body work. For more information on copywrite or if you want the lyrics, send us a note. 

Below is a sampling of music from Criss Cross and The River band in collaboration with David Douglas, George Anstey, Ashton Bachman, Peter Ransford, and Devon Venoit. Later on the page are some really interesting prog-rock/jazz recordings from Canvas with JImi James Fraser, Devon Venoit and Peter Ransford. While Luke loved all genres, he didn't want to categorize the music Canvas made. He referred to it as "sexy rock and roll", a blank canvas which like all great live music is painted differently everytime. 

Criss Cross and the River 


Leftover Soul jam Session. This song is soulful and full of poetry and lyricism. Music and recording by: Luke Rachwalski, David Douglas and George Anstey in Victoria BC. 

"Genie", a song with a quick rap and rhythm, recorded by Luke Rachwalski, George Anstey, Ashton Bachmann, David Douglas, Devon Venoit and Peter (keys) Ransford 2013 in Victoria BC. Inspired by wine and women. Lyrics below Well hey there pretty lady how you doin whats your name if I told you my intentions would you treat me just the same?

 A pure early rendition of "Prairie Girl", a Luke original with an almost country sound and plaintive lyrics. Music by Luke Rachwaski. Recorded by Rachwalski, Ashton Bachman and George Anstey in Victoria BC. 

Other tunes include I'll be Back and Tuesday Morning/Just a Thought that Luke often played at parties and on the beach.


Prog Rock with a jazz feel> Here are a couple of audio tracks downloaded from Canvas' Reverbnation site, Canvas Experience.

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