Scholarships to attend programs at the Chwyl  Familiy School of Contemporary Music Program (SCM).

Luke’s Gift

Luke Rachwalski thought music was a blank canvas and live performances meant the music was presented differently every time. That was why he called his progressive rock/jazz band Canvas. He also experimented with different styles and wrote numerous songs of different genres.

Luke would daydream and think and then write a song.  The song would be improved over time by jamming with friends before any tracks would be laid down. He was connected to the greater music community but not to a music school. We hope that the recipient would embody Luke’s musical spirit. We can envision the recipient as someone who dresses differently, and is less bounded by the rules of society;  someone you could imagine rescuing an old organ from a church and teaching themselves to play it – just because. 

The recipient would share Luke’s belief that sharing their music is a gift.

Where we are right now.

The Rachwalski family has donated funds for the first scholarships in Luke's name through the Luke Rachwalski Memorial Fund. LukeFest is the annual fundraiser to continue to fund scholarships and other needs for the school and musicians.

Scholarship Amounts:  Up to $1,000 per recipient and may be split up between recipients and SCM programs. Funds may be available all year round based on need andapplications.

Frequency: $1,000 per calendar year with review available should funds available increase.

Purpose: to assist teens and young adults who would benefit t from attending a SCM program. The funding does not have to be for a degree program, it can be for a one of the summer camps (workshops) or short term programs.

Putting it in Context: 

If we raise $10,000, we can provide 10 scholarships per year for young people to learn, create and grow as contemporary musicians

Recipient Profile (Eligibility Criteria)

The recipient would have financial need and demonstrate one or more of the following;

·        May be self taught or their path to music would not have been through a traditional school or music program.

·        May have faced difficulties/challenges in life; may use music to overcome vulnerabilities.

·        Would benefit from a structured introduction to different styles and music concepts to help them grow as a musician.

·        May feel they might not fit in to a traditional music school.

How to apply?

Applications will be to the Victoria Conservatory of Music based on their scholarship schedule.

They will require a brief essay speaking to one or more of the following questions;

·        What School of Contemporary Music program/course are you interested in and why?

·        What do you think you will gain or contribute?

Also, name a reference (family, friend, colleague). The scholarships are administered by the Victoria Conservatory of Music (VCM) and not a bursary;  if the gift is not used, the value reverts back to SCM.