Songwriting Programs

LukeFest will raise funds to give young songwriters an opportunity to explore and further their musicianship by offering songwriting workshops facilitated by experienced professionals – Luke’s Legacy. Topics include taking the mystery and myth out of the songwriting process by offering practical advice and ideas on the basics of songwriting, harmony, melody, and accompaniment – techniques that help shape the poem. 

Help Shape the Poem

Ultimately, the vision is to make Victoria a centre for music. Part of this vision includes creating opportunity for young people to be listened to, understood and guided with sensitivity by experienced facilitators and mentors. 

The Victoria Conservatory of Music is breaking new ground as the first classical music school of its type to open a School of Contemporary Music and embracing the marriage of classical disciplines with the innate improvisation and passion from other musical genres like rock, folk, hip hop and jazz.

In the zone with Luke


"When you’re 16 and trying to figure the world out, it can be daunting to take the words you’ve written in a journal and share that interior landscape of deep feelings in a group. The next Leonard Cohen or Neil Young might find their way into one of these programs and we want to help them find their voice." Daniel Lapp

Daniel Lapp is the Artistic Director of the new Chwyl School of Contemporary Music (SCM) and is very familiar with the struggles young musicians face. He’s an accomplished musician himself and has watched and experienced the highs and lows of being a sensitive and creative individual. He sees the new school as having an opportunity to fill a void for young musicians in our community who fall between the cracks of standard music education – the poets, the beatniks, and the musical savants.  The Lukes of the world. 

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